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Car Badges

Car Badges

Our much admired high quality handcrafted car badges are produced using quality metals and traditional methods with hard enamel fill. This is a traditional style badge which will last many years. According to your design we will advise on the best production methods and materials.

westcorkcarbadge rileycarbadge jaguarcarbadge westernvvvc

Car Badge Types

Below are some of the different types of badges.




Internal cut holes

For use with screw and nut

west corkwestcorkbadgeback  
  Sockets riley badgeM5twinsocket  
  Studs jaguar badgejaguarbadgeback  



Bottom Lug

with 2 holes



We can supply different fixing options, according to you specifications.



Badge Adaptors

badge bar adaptor *Badge Bar Adaptors badge bar clip *Badge Bar Clips
grille mount
*Grille Mounting Bar

Presentation Pouches

Velveteen drawstring pouches available in 3 standard colours - a lovely way to present your badges. Size: Plain price only.

Colours: Royal, Red, Black

Standard Size (to fit Badge Bar Badge): 120x95mm
bluebag redbag

Wheel Badges


Dynamo Nose Cover



more options contact us


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